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Why Choose Q-Lytics


Q-Lytics is committed to your success by fully realizing your career ambitions and potential. Our proven methodology reflects our deep understanding of the recruiting process and the importance of each placement. Our practice is staffed with knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who will work with you in an open and honest manner to help define and advise your best career opportunities.


You may have experience working with another recruitment firm - maybe even had success with a placement.  However until you’ve worked with Q-Lytics, you’ve not fully capitalized on your opportunities.  Our principles and methodologies yield unparalleled results.  What we hear from our initial candidate screenings that people typically feel like recruiters don’t listen and that once the job is filled, the relationship ends.  We simply refuse to work like that.


In today’s global marketplace, you’re no longer competing with resources in a city or region.  You’re competing with candidates across the globe.  If you don’t have timely access to information about career opportunities and a dedicated partner that will help you identify and pursue those opportunities, you will simply get overwhelmed by the competition.


We possess a global network of contacts and deep industry knowledge.  You will receive quality advice from every level of our organization to maximize your opportunities and keep you moving forward on an upward career path. 


Q-Lytics believes in long-term relationships, not one-time transactions.  We want to establish and nourish a partnership that lasts over many years and multiple, successful placements.  Contact us today and let’s get started.


"Top notch organization! They were very thorough in screening the candidates. Best of all they did not bombard me with resumes. Provided us with three or four qualified applicants with the skill set we required."

Human Resources Recruiter

"Simply the best recruiting company I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Senior Vice President

"The folks at Q-Lytics really understand the hiring and recruitment process. They listened to what my department's goals and needs were and provided excellent talent to fill my open positions."

Hiring Manager

"Most recruiting companies I have worked with in the past will always do what is best for them. Q-Lytics Consulting put my interests ahead of theirs and did what was best for me!"


Q-Lytics Consulting, Inc.
8352 Willow Run
Fogelsville, PA 18051
Phone: 610.530.1447

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