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Director of Credit Risk Multi Family

Job Summary
Excellent Opportunity in the Dallas Area.


Plan and direct the work of a unit whose staff develops, recommends, and implements credit risk standards for products or assets the company finances or underwrites. Assess and approve credit limits and monitor credit exposure for routine and complex transactions, and assess collateral requirements included in loan origination. Apply credit management models to current assets or underwritten products to recommend shifts in collateral or reserves to mitigate credit risks. 


  • Develop and/or communicate standards for assessing credit risk in loans the organization purchases or deals in which it participates. Direct staff applying these standards in the analysis of particular batches of mortgages or proposed transactions.
  • Confer with management of business units who are planning to make purchases of loans or MBSs, to assess credit risks associated with loans or lenders and are assessing loan data in order to assign credit score(s) to the package of loans.
  • Communicate with financial institutions who do business with the organization to ensure that they understand the company's credit risk standards and current appetite for risk in the company's buying practices.
  • Examine, or direct staff to examine current and recent transactions and associated risk parameters to assess their accuracy and to feed back to policy staff and modeling staff empirical data for their to evaluate the utility of current policies and models.
  • Report to senior management on the unit's production, activities, and efforts.
  • Represent the unit as an expert or resource to cross-functional project or coordinating teams.
  • Plan, document, and manage the performance of subordinate managers and/or staff. Provide for professional or technical growth through assignment, mentoring, or training.
  • Plan and manage the unit's budget. Approve expenditures or budget transfers.


  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent required


  • 8+ years of related experience


  • Experience managing a Loan Review function in a regulated financial institution or equivalent experience within a federal
  • or state regulatory agency.
  • Commercial real estate underwriting and/or work-out experience is a plus.
  • Thorough understanding of DUS lending standards, practices, products & executions preferred..
  • Detailed understanding of ASC 450-20 (FAS 5) & ASC 310-10-35 (FAS 114) reserving methodologies.
  • Detailed experience with impairment, loan rating methodologies within regulated financial institutions.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership, planning & managerial abilities. Proven capability to effectively present analysis,
  • respond to questions, deliver difficult but balanced messages to management, Lenders, auditors and
  • regulators.
  • Strong organizational & interpersonal skills. Empowers others, builds confidence, demonstrates a positive style.
  • Makes timely decisions, at times with incomplete information and tight deadlines.
  • Leads by example, builds trust with others


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