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Senior Statistical Analyst / Data Scientist II

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  • Company Name :
    Name Confidential
  • Approximate Salary: Negotiable
  • Location : Nashville, TN
  • Country : United States
  • Industry :
  • Specialization : >>
  • Position Type : Full-Time
  • Experience Level : 5 Years
  • Education Level : Masters Degree
  • Advertised : 01-04-2018
  • Closing Date : 03-22-2018
  • Job ID : 707
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Excellent Opportunity in the Nashville area

Senior Statistical Analyst / Data Scientist II is a technically advanced role in Analytics and also requires a high level of business skills. According to company needs at any given time, this teammate will perform and lead any Medium scale advanced statistical analysis using any technique that is needed by the business with nearly perfect accuracy in the first attempt without much supervision. This Analyst performs the complex analyses while also technically supervising less experienced Analysts in those and other techniques as applicable. This role will also communicate effectively on multiple levels, using highly technical language with other Analysts and translating technical results clearly and effectively for Director-Level and below executives. Despite this being a highly technical role, this teammate's business skills are advanced enough to develop professional relationships with Director-Level executives outside of Analytics that instill trust in the Analytics methodologies. Performs primarily large scale statistical analyses or medium scale modeling projects independently or while training and supervising other Analysts' technical work.

  • Builds new predictive/descriptive models, evaluate current effectiveness of old models, design experiments/campaigns and analyze the resulting data, perform post-hoc (correlational) analysis when experimental designs (causational analyses) are not feasible and explains the limitations of the results, advises analytical data programmers on quality and infrastructure needs/challenges, etc.
  • Majority of time spent coding is on creation of new code
  • Write large blocks of code that will be run repetitively with moderate efficiency
  • Perform several of these types of analysis depending on capability to satisfy the need of the organization and projects
  • Translating analytical results, presenting to Director-Level executives and below, and making recommendations for improvements in the areas of application
  • Creation of intermediate technical documentation
  • Identifies and with limited involvement from more experienced analysts resolves data issues (such as missing values and invalid data)
  • Creates basic transformations of data independently and intermediate transformations with limited involvement from more experienced analysts
  • Applies basic techniques for handling small sample sizes independently and applies intermediate techniques with limited involvement from more experienced analysts
  • Perform large scale statistical analysis or medium scale modeling projects independently or in collaboration with other Analysts.
  • Apply skills learned in previous roles to the business using SAS.
  • Mentors less experienced Analysts, and interacts professionally with leaders outside of Analytics.
  • Depending on teaching proficiency, formally train or assist in the formal training of less experienced Analysts.
  • Technically supervising, mentoring, coaching, and training all less senior analysts on advanced statistical techniques and how to apply them to business problems
  • Assist Associate Director and Director of Analytics in the identification and quantification of applications of analytics and development of project charters and plans as appropriate

Able To Analyze Business Data Using 3 Or More Of The Statistical/Mathematical Specialties And Expertise In 1 Or More Of The Statistical/Mathematical Specialties Below

MS degree in Analytics, Statistics, or Mathematics fields and 6-9 years of Analytics experience or PhD degree and 4-7 years of Analytics experience 3+ years of SAS programming experience in previous roles (SAS not substitutable with any other programming language). Expertise acquired through prior experience in applying statistical/mathematical techniques in 2 or more business units/focus areas (Operations, Supply Chain, Real-Estate, Pricing, Marketing, Credit Risk management).

  • Sample Selection / Stratification
  • Experimental Design
  • Categorical Data Analysis
  • Linear Regression
  • Non-Parametric Analysis
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Survival Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Optimization
  • Simulation Models
  • Decision Trees
  • Heuristic Models
  • Algorithmic Models

Statistically Advanced able to apply techniques as appropriate for moderate data sets with <= 100 variables (columns) Must be a proficient storyteller able to explain complicated statistical analyses, techniques, and results to non-statistical audiences of Director-level Executives and below. Capable of working and communicating directly with Director-level Executives and below to scope the technical needs of large scale, high-value, technically complex projects and medium scale ad-hock analyses. Capable of assisting in the developing, training, mentoring, and technically supervising all more junior level Statistical Analysts / Data Scientists Capable of writing technical documents of intermediate analytics without assistance.

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