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Sr. Manager, Systems Development

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Position Summary:

The Marketing Campaign Production Lead Generation team leader oversees the creation of multi-channel Direct Marketing Lists in support of Company Marketing objectives. In this role, the team is responsible for the interpretation of business requirements to generate Marketing Lists that not only meet the expectations of the business owner but also ensures that any/all list suppression rules/edits as dictated by Compliance, are appropriately applied against these lists prior to their release.

This position requires the team leader and all staff members to work horizontally across IT and business organizations in order to develop a working understanding of Marketing's business requirements to interpret/translate them into technical processes for the purpose of generating lists that not only meet the expectations of the business but also ensures that compliance related suppression edits are appropriately applied prior to the release of lead files.

The leader is also expected to work closely with senior management within the Marketing organization to ensure ongoing success in understanding Marketing strategic goals and objectives while ensuring the Lead Generation team continues to proactively meet these business challenges using the knowledge of campaign tools, marketing data, and effective business processes.

Job Responsibilities:

Team Leadership & Development 50%

  • Lead a fast paced environment and oversee a team with each team member managing multiple projects.
  • Ensure the team adherence to critical Company lead generation policies & procedures.
  • Challenge the lead generation team to think and work in a continuous improvement model.
  • Ensure each team member is driving the full life cycle development process for lead generation projects.
  • Provide strategic visioning and leadership for ensuring the lead generation team is maximizing the capabilities of technology/tools as well as sound knowledge of marketing data.
  • Challenge each member of the lead generation team to drive more deeply into understanding marketing data and the alignment of this data to effective campaigns.
  • Ensure the team applies Quality Control techniques against these lists prior to releasing them for QA to ensure that they contain the correct individuals as defined by the business requirements and as dictated by the Privacy Compliance Form (PCF).
  • Ensure that any/all business compliance suppressions requirements are translated/applied correctly.
  • Provide effective administrative leadership team for all matters pertaining to goal setting, performance reviews, timely regulatory training, and any items linked with budget management.

Marketing Business Strategy and Partnership 30%

  • Work closely with Marketing leadership to understand core business objectives/goals and align the lead generation team to meet/exceed these goals.
  • Calibrate with Marketing leadership on effective service levels that continue to drive timely, effective campaigns while ensuring high quality campaigns are delivered.
  • Educate and collaborate with key business partners and IT partners on evolving data strategies, new marketing opportunities, and related efforts to ensure lead generation remains a solid partner.
  • Provide effective feedback to both business requestors and business leadership on improvements to campaign requests, business requestor education, and opportunities to improve the end-to-end process.
  • Understand the key projects, initiatives, and roadmap for Marketing campaigns by ongoing dialogue with Marketing leadership and planners.

Campaign Tools and Technical Leadership 20%

  • Understand all aspects of the marketing data process including data extraction, data cleansing, list generation, data investigation w/routine interaction with multiple data sources.
  • Understand the data warehouse and other data marts/files that support of analysis of lead generation for Direct Marketing programs.
  • Have a deep understanding of the IBM Unica Campaign product and forge a close partnership with the business team owners of this product.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Technology or related area or equivalent work experience


  • 10+ years of experience in an IT role
  • 3 - 5+ years of experience data warehousing with an emphasis on direct marketing campaigns and campaign management
  • 5+ years of experience managing a team
  • Can successfully work under pressure to meet project request deadlines is required to produce high quality results in a dynamic work environment that involves numerous system and business process changes.
  • Must work closely with other IT departments, key business areas, DB Administrators, QC Analyst & Technical Architects to ensure that assigned campaign development tasks are defined, documented, tested and delivered as specified in a timely, efficient manner. 


  • Strong understanding of the business process and how it translates to the technical process
  • Strong problem solving and analytical ability
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills


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